Our sensors are at home, at the office, falling in airplanes in Canada, from helicopters in the Himalayas, on Mount Everest, other mountains on all continents, on actors on stage, audiences in the dark, on athletes winning World Championships while shooting, jumping, running, skiing, kicking and rowing. Our sensors are were it happens so you can learn and make it happen too.


Better Controlled Air Traffic

In 2017 Overskudd won a public bid to assess and manage stress in all ATC’s (Air Traffic Controllers) in Norway. The first stage of the project was carried out in 2018. The results are breathtaking. It provides revolutionary insight into the professional lives of ATC’s and has already made a dramatic positive impact on sickness absence.

Atea, Consultant department

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US Navy, rescue teams

Since 2015, Overskudd has carried out analysis of stress and recovery in rescue teams to be employed in the US Navy. The stress training programs carried out are tested using HRV analysis. The results are correlated with hormone tests taken throughout the training days. The Overskudd process allows much faster analysis and provides much deeper insights than traditional testing tools.


Skydiving, world records in Himalayas

Overskudd was trusted for analysis of stress in Skydivers setting 3 world records in November 2016. The video shows our technology for combining stress analysis and video to let the viewer inside the risk associated with an individual skydive.


Olympic Gold with Overskudd

Kikkan Randall won the first ever US Olympic Gold Medal in Cross Country skiing in 2018. In this video she explains how Overskudd provided her the insight required to succed.