Overskudd Analysis Server

Overskudd Analysis Server (OSA) is a cloud solution for performance analysis of individuals and teams. It is now available to you, after having been used for years by corporations, military and police, research institutions and athletes.

OSA provides deep self insight while documenting the effect of interventions; such as sleep, nutrition, training, medication, cognition and emotion. OSA analysis is based on accurate measurements of heart rate variability (HRV), heart rate and motion.


  • Performance insight for business, first responders and sports

  • Self insight and management for individuals and teams

  • Intervention analysis, for mental training, sports and health

  • Automated research, data collection and analysis

  • Automated motion analysis, understanding best practice


Performance is the result of having the necessary resources and being able to use them when required. More often than not performance is limited by our nerves.

With OSA you get insight to your own nervous system and can build sustainable habits that supports flow and optimal performance states. The goal of training is the same in business, sports and other fields; making optimal performance a habit.

Self insight


If you are human, you are victim of habits, instant gratification and cognitive dissonance (lack of integrity). OSA offers a unique opportunity for you to witness your own emotions and study them in detail or from a birds perspective, live or after the fact.

Intervention analysis


Every day media tells you how to live, thing, eat, sleep; what to wear, how to become popular, live longer, enjoy more etc. There are a lot of things you just “must” do. Most of it is false, of course. Knowledge of you is completely unknown by those who give the advice.

With OSA you can find out for yourself. How is your heart and your nervous system affected by physical activity, concentration, emotion, sleep, being social, hurrying and caring. OSA replaced the stressing “must”s from media will confident calm by knowing how you are affected by your choices.

Automated motion analysis

Parachute jump with heart rate (beat by beat or RR) and effect of acceleration (including gravitation)

Parachute jump with heart rate (beat by beat or RR) and effect of acceleration (including gravitation)


OSA automatically creates analysis and key performance indicators for specialised activities, such as sleeping, skydiving and ski-jumping. The analysis can be adapted to any activity with a recognizable motion pattern, such as other types of jumping, flying, driving, riding, gymnastics etc.

Automated data collection and analysis for research

When sensors are used in research projects, the complexity of handling sensors and measurement data can grow formidable.

OSA is built to streamline such projects distributed data collection, central datamanagrement, and automated scientific analysis. researchers save time and can dedicate more resources to making science.