Overskudd AS improves Homo Sapiens (“wise man”) with insight from sensors and analytics. Teams and individuals reach new levels of performance in business, sports and health with Overskudd’s HRV (heart rate variability) and motion analytics.

Overskudd is running on Movesense hardware on your chest and Microsoft Azure in the cloud.

Overskudd complements Movesense with;

Chester and Chester Jr, connectors that facilitates use of electrodes for comfortable and professional long term measurements.

HRVlib, Overskudd’s embedded solution for analysis of heart rate variability,

Overskudd firmware for offline data collection and communication with OSA.

Overskudd Analysis Server (OSA), is a secure enterprise grade cloud solution for performance analysis of individual users and teams. It is used by athletes, military and police, corporations, research institutions. It is now available in the consumer market.

Mobile apps for IOS and Android for communication with sensors and the OSA.

Overskudd’s analysis of data from your nervous system provides revolutionary insight of yourself and potential for performance improvement.