Performance on tap

Our analysis of pulse, heart rate-variability (HRV) and motion analysis detects stress and recovery. Overskudd has the worlds largest database with long terms measurements of HRV. Our analysis in the cloud has increased performance for thousands of employees in startups, SMEs and corporations, as well as patients and athletes.

Overskudd is the best you can give yourself, your familie and your team.


Key Performance Optimizer

Your KPI’s need to come together. Sales growth, costs, sickness absence, customer and employee satisfaction.

You and your team can use energy to reach your short term goals without compromising long term goals and strategies.

Overskudds Key Performance Optimizer is the package you need to align your resources and oil your engine.


Team Energizer

The team energiser package inspires your team members to pull, individually and together, while focusing the energy in the right direction.

Lack of energy in individuals and team members is a common problem. Both negative and positive energy is infectious.


Deep Dive

Deep dive implies getting a deep and detailed understanding of yourself and your team members, and your interactions. We use even more sensors and reads signals from your palms (with EDA, Electrodermal Activity) and your brain (with EEG, Electroencephalography)


No brainer

The No Brainer package is typically for the CFO. We make an agreement with your company in which we share the costs and profits from a joint project. If you don’t make money on it, you don’t pay.

Tht1s why we call it the no brainer. It’s an offer the CFO cannot refuse.


Overskudd Health

Overskudd health facilitates interventions that will keep you on track and out of the doctors office.

More than 80% of Overskudd Health users make positive lifestyle changes. The vast majority succeeds in carrying out long term changes. As far as we know, it is one of the most successful lifestyle interventions in the world.


Readiness training

The Readiness training package is developed with the US Navy, Strategic Operations and Rocky Vista University. It is employed by the Norwegian Delta Force and in readiness training for World Record Skydiving in the Himalayas.