Habits rule the unreflected herd

Your subconscious mind dwarfs your conscious mind. It allows you to walk and eat without effort. It controls how long will you live, how much joy will you experience and how much suffering will you be exposed to. Today, next week and for the rest of your life.

You can use your conscious mind to fix destructive programming; changing your habits. Without the right tool, it may be like fighting gravity.

Overskudd makes this process possible by letting you study and evaluate your unconscious reactions to your environment.

Manage your process towards control of your habits and take conscious steps from unfortunate to fortunate.

Improve your odds in life

  1. See how “stuff” (activities, people, environments, nutrition and medication ) influence you.

  2. Distinguish positive factors from bullshit (it is everywhere!)

  3. Drop what makes you weak and do more of what makes you strong. Try some new stuff. Enjoy.

  4. Back to 1.

Overskudd builds performance and confidence

Overskudd allows you to take control of what affects you. The illustration above is of the scientific method
  1. Overskudd sensors analyse your motion and listens to your nervous system (through your heart).

  2. Your levels of stress and recovery is compared with data from thousands of users; from sleeping Olympic Champions to severely stressed patients.

  3. Every second, minute, hour or day is automatically analysed, illustrated and benchmarked to provide actionable insight to you.

  4. With an Overskudd purchase*, you get guidance that help you make positive changes. We care more about your positive changes than we care about your money.


With Overskudd, you win in Life

80% of our users decide to make changes in their behaviour and most of them succeed, often for the first time in their life..

Overskudd users have set countless world records, won 50 World Championships, 15 Olympic Gold Medals. However, ordinary mom’s, dad’s, teenagers and children who struggle and change make the most important difference.